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Science4Us.com Review

Science4Us Review

Hello Friends, My girls and I just recently had the wonderful opportunity to review Science4Us.com Online Subscription. What an excellent program! I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to do this review. Prior to signing up, science wasn't really a subject my children enjoyed. However, after using Science4Us.com my daughters have all said how much fun they have had while learning. My oldest had even said, "Wow! I wish science was this fun all the time!" 

What is Science4Us.com? 

Science4Us.com is an interactive online science program that is geared towards K – 2nd grade. This program can be used with older grades for review purpose. The program covers a wide variety of science topics in order to provide students with an overview of various aspects of science.  The lessons are categorized into four groups -  Physical Science, Inquiry Science, Life Science, and Earth/Space. Each lesson begins with an overview of the topic and includes videos and interactive demonstrations. As the lessons progress the students have the opportunity to play games and complete activities that test the student's understanding of the topics.

Science4Us Review

What does Science4Us.com Cost?

The program can be purchased on an individual basis for only $7.95 per child for each month. In my opinion this is a wonderful price for such a great program.

Science4Us.com Review

So what do I love about Science4Us.com?

Science4Us.com Review
Here is an example of the work I can review and leave notes on. 

While there are many great aspects to Science4Us.com, my favorite part has been being able to just "do" science with my girls and not having to plan out science for the girls. I love that there are pre-planned lessons and that very little has to go into starting and finishing a lesson. Another favorite of mine is being able to check my children's progress. Not only do I get to check their progress, I am able to see their actual work that they have saved into their online notebooks. Yes! Online notebooks! This is an awesome part of the program, that I have really came to love. While checking their work in their online notebooks, I am able to write notes about the work they have saved.  

Science4Us.com Review
I love that this program is very child friendly and that each lesson includes fun and detailed examples of each topic. While this is a bit below my oldest daughters range, she is in 5th grade, she has still very much enjoyed doing the lessons and reviewing topics she has learned in the past. My other two daughters, grades 2nd and 3rd, have done exceptionally well with the lessons. We use this program approximately 4 times a week. They have had no problem being able to log in themselves. They are able to start and finish the lessons with very little help. This has allowed me time to prepare other activities, while still being able to help them as needed. Another great part of this program is the way it handles wrong answers. For example, if my child answers a question wrong, it does not just continue on. Instead, it will bring the child back to where that topic was covered in the lesson. This has assured me that my children are indeed learning and not just moving past questions they may not enjoy. They have even enjoyed taking the tests at the end of each lesson. This also assured me that they were absorbing the information that was presented to them.

The program also includes an area packed with valuable teaching tools. This area includes lesson plans with an overview of each topic to help the teacher prepare. There are printable worksheets and ideas for hands-on activities and experiments. This area has proved very useful in our home. I love being able to access this, to better help my children learn.

Science4Us Review
Science4Us.com can be accessed using Mac or Pc and no other special equipment is needed. I do suggest having a printer for printing out student reports if wanted, but having one is not required. 
Science4Us Review

Well friends, our family definitely enjoyed this online science program and have considered it a blessing. I would highly recommend Science4Us.com to anyone with younger elementary aged children who may or may not be interested in science. 

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