Friday, July 25, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~ July 25th

1) We recently returned from a wonderful vacation in Arkansas. It is so beautiful there. We began by digging for diamonds, then headed north to Beaver Lake. We rented a cabin and boat. We used the rest of the time to relax. It was a wonderful trip and can't wait to go back. My favorite part was sitting at our cabin and watching the fog roll down the White river. Absolutely serene!

2) We close on the house we are buying in 6 weeks. I'm so excited!

3) My oldest daughter turned 11 years old yesterday. I'm so blessed to be her mom. She is so goofy and fun.

4) My hubby is very big into racing. He is a wonderful mechanic and loves all things cars. Even though it scares me, I support him. Our daughters and I were able to go watch him the other night. He did wonderful!

5) On vacation we visited the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. I loved it! It was very educational and beautiful.  I believe it's a must see if you are in the Bentonville, Arkansas area. They have the coolest stainless-steel tree in the entrance.

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  1. What an exciting move! Congrats on your new house and love the picture with the fog so beautiful!


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