Monday, October 27, 2014

Clued in Kids - Treasure Hunt - Review

My daughters absolutely adore treasure hunts and they recently had the opportunity to participate in quite a few. It was exciting for them, because it had been a while since they had done one. Many thanks to Clued in Kids for letting us review Homework Reward Treasure Hunt and five Multiplication Dragons treasure hunts.

What is Clued in Kids?

Clued in Kids is a company that offers treasure hunts that are already completed for you with clue cards. These hunts teach logic, math skills, social skills, reading, and teamwork. As much as I have loved putting together treasure hunts in the past, I have enjoyed being able to do them with my daughters without all the planning.  All the treasure hunts are recommended for ages 4 and up. Right now the are offering Christmas products and they are also having a special treasure chest giveaway. You can find all the details on their blog

Homework Reward Treasure Hunt is a fun and entertaining treasure hunt that contains puzzles, activities, jokes and more. Set up is fairy easy. This treasure hunt is printable. So we downloaded it and printed out the pages. We then cut each clue in half so that we had separate clue cards. Each card is numbered so that makes it easy for set-up and completion. Also, each clue has a line on the top to write their name. If you have multiple children going on the hunt together it is recommended that you write their names on specific cards so there won’t be any arguing over the cards. I thought this was a fantastic idea! It's only suppose to take 8 minutes to set up. I was actually able to set it up in around 5 minutes. it was fun to hide them all throughout our house.  It was even more fun watching my daughters take turns completing each clue and then head off to find the next. They thought it was so much fun. After they complete the last clue you are suppose to provide a treasure. The girls treasure for this hunt was pumpkins. They loved them. 

What is the Multiplication Dragons treasure hunt?

Multiplication Dragons treasure hunts are five printable, teaching treasure hunts that will motivate your children to learn their times-tables . This hunts also contain puzzles, riddles and fun activities. These activities teach multiplication (2x - 6x) while leading your child on an adventure around the home. Again, each hunt takes about 8 minutes to set up. The hunts provide about an hour of fun for up to 10 kids. The set-up instructions are very clear and I had no trouble setting them up. Well, I did have a little trouble, but it was only trying to keep my daughters from peeking. I used these with two of my daughters. They are 10 and 11. They had a ton of fun with these hunts as well. The best part of all is that they have so much fun with them, they didn't even care that they were doing math. A treasure is also offered at the end of these hunts. The treasure I offered for these hunts was candy. Fun treats for super fun hunts.

~Final Thought~

Even though we have done treasure hunts before, I would have never thought about doing them in such an educational way as these hunts have provided. I loved how easy to set up they are and that they only require things already in your house! I thoroughly enjoyed watching my daughters participate and work as a team. I was very surprised to see how well they worked together and how rewarding it was for them to finish. I also liked that the treasure can be anything you choose to place in the last location. Anytime a product leaves a smile on my daughters faces is a huge win for them and for me as well. I recommend the Clued in Kids treasure hunts for everyone. 

What do they cost?

Homework Reward Treasure Hunt - $5.99 (At this time, you can receive this hunt for free by signing up for the newsletter.)

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