Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A homeschool award for YOU

How was your homeschooling year? I'm betting you had some great days and some not so great days...Am I right?  

Homeschooling can be a thankless job. There are days where we wish we could leave the house without the kids in tow. There are weeks that feel like they never end. There are also moments when you doubt if the kids are learning enough, if you are doing enough, if you are doing it “right”. Hang in there. I bet you are doing wonderful! 

There are certainly no homeschool teacher appreciation days, unless of course you create them. There is also no homeschool teacher of the year award, but I'm changing that. Most would agree there is an award winning teacher in every home and I feel like you do deserve a thank you and an award. 

Thank you sweet momma for all you do for your family. You are precious! 

Below you will find your award. I would like you to print it and hang it somewhere. It can serve as a reminder that you rocked this year. Share it with your friends, because I'm sure they deserve it as well. 

homeschool award

Click here to download and print your award. 

Think your hubby deserves an award? We have a special one for him as well. We can't forget the awesome husbands and fathers out there that help and support us on our journey. 

Click here to download and print your award. 

Do you like these awards? Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks!

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