Thursday, February 26, 2015

3 Homeschooling truths

I know what you are probably thinking....3 truths! 3... That's it? I assume this because I was actually thinking the same. But friends, honestly we could all probably write a book all about homeschooling truths and as a matter of fact one day I might just do that. Right now, however, I want to encourage you with these 3 truths and remind you that we all have felt this way and these feelings are usually only temporary.

1) Some days are better than others - There are days where it takes every ounce of strength out of me just to roll out of bed to begin, and then there are others where I'm in an amazing mood and ready to take on whatever the day may have for me.  Are you having a rough day? Remember that you are not alone and everyone has them. I have a saying that I wrote out and printed on paper that says - What are you going to do today with God's gift of life? This encourages me and helps me remember that every single day truly is a gift. 

2) There will be mistakes made - This is a universal fact with everything. I'm unsure how to have everything perfect and mistake free and I'm okay with that. You should be okay with it as well. Most of the time our mistakes or children's mistakes teach us very valuable lessons for future events and times. When a mistake is made, it's done. It's time to move on from it, learn from it and definitely don't dwell on it. 

3) Some curriculum just won't work - Have you ever bought a curriculum that you just knew was going to be a big hit only to find out it wasn't all that it seemed? I think we all have and this pretty much fits into the - there will be mistakes made category, but I believed it needed to be a truth all on it's own. If it's not working, throw it out. Some of our best homeschooling lessons haven't even required a specific curriculum lesson plan, but they have came from experiencing life. Move on from the bad curriculum experiences. It happened, it's over, and now it's time to explore other options that might work better.

Okay, so I was thinking about there only being 3 truths and decided that I should add another. So, here it is.

4) You are doing Awesome! - Believe it and own it! It's the truth!

Do you have anything to add? Please share your comments below.

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