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Progeny Press ~ Sarah, Plain and Tall Study Guide ~ REVIEW

Recently my daughters and I were blessed to be able to review the downloadable digital study guide, Sarah, Plain and Tall from Progeny Press. We had read Sarah, Plain, and Tall in the past but we had never had the privilege of adding a study guide. This study guide proved to be very helpful and a ton of fun for all three of my daughters and I. 

For the purpose of this review we checked out the book Sarah, Plain, and Tall from our local library. I was certain we had a copy around our home somewhere, but like a lot of books in this house, it had disappeared. I'm certain we will find it someday. 

Sarah, Plain, and Tall is a fabulous book. If you have never had the chance to read it, I recommend it and I highly recommend purchasing the Sarah, Plain and Tall - E-Guide to go with it.

The story is a simple story of a family that needs a mother and of the woman who gradually fills this need. We find the book exciting and inspiring.

The Sarah, Plain and Tall - E-Guide is a 47 page study guide written by Rebecca Gilleland. It is recommended for grades 4-7. The study guide is filled with wonderful information and help while reading through the story. We chose to print out the study guide.

Each chapter of the book has corresponding vocabulary words as well as chapter questions in the study guide. Another wonderful part of the study guide is the Dig Deeper Section. In this section my daughters had the opportunity to grow spiritually through reading the assigned scripture passages and answering the assigned questions.

Using the study guide was simple. We chose to read one or two chapters a day and then turn to the study guide for the remaining part of our literature time. Using the study guide took no more than 30 minutes of our day. 

One of my daughters absolute favorite part of the study was the Before-You-Read Activities that are included in the study guide and the After-You-Read Activities. Some of the activities they did where map work, research work, and family discussions. They had a ton of fun locating Maine on the map and researching life on the prairie in the late 1800s. They also learned about mail order brides and why some men advertised for them. They thought the whole study was fun and educational. 

Even though they loved the Before-You-Read Activities, they loved the After-You-Read Activities even better. They were able to draw beautiful landscapes using colored pencils. They also spent the day with me collecting wild flowers and pressing them. We had an absolute blast doing that. It's a memory that will last forever. 

There were also creative writing activities included in the study guide along with As-You-Read Assignments as well. All of the activities were very beneficial to my daughters education and I was truly impressed with the study guide as a whole. Even though my daughters had read Sarah, Plain, and Tall before, they had never learned and absorbed the information like they did this time. 

Another fun activity suggested in the guide was to walk down a beach and collect sea shells and use a field guide to identify them. Of course, my daughters wanted to complete this activity so we did. The girls even wrote the name, Sarah, really big in the sand. 

Towards the end of the study we watched the movie Sarah, Plain, and Tall, starring Glenn Close. I loved how the study guide included questions for discussion. Such as, how the story had been changed, and if the characters were similar to the characters in the book. 

The last thing my daughters did was a cooking assignment suggested in the study guide. In chapter 4 of Sarah, Plain, and Tall, papa bakes and serves warm bread. It was suggested to bake and serve warm bread. We had never made bread from scratch before, so I was very thankful that the study guide included ingredients and instructions. They came in handy and the bread turned out amazing! My daughters definitely learned a new skill. A skill that I'm sure will come in handy again in the future. 

How Much Does The Sarah, Plain and Tall - E-Guide Cost?

Right now you can purchase the study guide for only $17.99

Final Thought

All three of my daughters expressed how this was one of their favorite studies of the year. I was also pleasantly pleased with the study as well. I loved how in not only had worksheet questions but that it also had a ton of hands-on activities to participate in also. I look forward to looking for more products from Progeny Press.

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