Monday, November 08, 2010

Ramblings of Thankfulness & Love

What are we thankful for?

It's been a fun last couple of weeks. I'm Loving the fall season, the aromas, the colors, and the feelings of thankfulness. I, maybe like many of you, like to indulge in facebook a wee to much sometimes. Mostly, I see vague comments of friends and family routines and thoughts of the day. Lately, most have started writing about what they are thankful for, due to a 30 days of thankfulness post. It's so joyous to read these comments and reflect back on my own thankfulness. I have even realized how much I take for granted at times.
I am thankful for a wonderful husband, whom works so hard to provide for his family. Wonderful children, that mean the world to us. Wonderful family, who will be there for us whenever needed. Our health, our love for one another, our desire to learn, the opportunity to homeschool, and so much more to write. I'm mostly thankful for God, who created all the wonderful things of this world, and who loved us so much that he gave his only son, Jesus, so that we may be saved. I have bookmarked an incredible site. I love to go there and watch live sermons, catch up on studies, and learn about everything I didn't know I needed, until it just clicked! I need this! I know that sounded funny. Didn't know you needed it!? Well yes, and no! I know I need to read and study God's word, but I struggle. On this site, I will watch a sermon and I will be like "WoW! I really needed that!"

Here is the link:

We've been taking a different approach to learning this month, a more thankful approach. A more stress free approach. It's been very relaxed, and although I would love to say it's like this always, I would be lying. I sat down and played dolls and barbies with my girls earlier, and I took the time to ask the girls what they were thankful for. I expected them to say something about their fav toys, or the awesome movie they had just raved about a min or so before I asked the question. Instead, I heard such sincere answers that melted my heart to the core. My oldest said I am thankful for you mommy and daddy and that God loves me and I can talk to him whenever I want. I'm doing something right here, people! I could have screamed it from the rooftop. It was a joyous moment, but also a moment I realized how much more I must watch my actions and live these wonderful teachings I teach them. How I so don't desire to be a hypocrite in my child's eyes.

I heard my mother-in-law say a saying the other day and it was:
Heaven before Harvard! WoW! how true is that! While I do wish true happiness for my children no matter what career or schooling they choose, even if it be Harvard, lol, I hope they learn and never forget this saying!


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