Saturday, January 11, 2014

International Thank You Day

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Hello Friends,
      In our busy and stressful lives, it is important to remember that each day truly is a blessing. Today, International Thank You Day, is the perfect opportunity to be thankful for friends, family, freedom, food, shelter and the basics. In honor of International Thank You Day, thank those around you. The two simple words, thank you, can possibly brighten someones day more than you know.

Below are some fun "Thank You" ideas and links

Learn how to say "Thank You" in more than 465 languages

Thank you song for your little ones

A Thankful Heart 1 - A key to overflowing joy!

Thank you friends! 
Thank you for reading our blog and participating in a part of our lives. We love each and everyone of you and are happy to share our homeschool journey with all of you.

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