Friday, April 18, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~April 18

1) My oldest daughter has been practicing the guitar everyday this week. I love it! She really has a passion for learning and has been doing so good. 

2)  My garden survived the freeze! I was so worried. The weather is crazy. One day it was short weather and the next morning it was snowing. It didn't stick and went away fairly fast. It is now starting to warm back up. I hope the freezing stuff is now behind us. My daughters have plans to sell our extra produce at the local farmers market. They sure had a lot of fun making garden markers the other day. 

3) Okay friends, imagine your husband comes home with a surprise for you and it's a! lol  This didn't happen to me, but it did indeed happen to my mother. :) My girls were so excited and they had to go meet this duck. My mother decided that she just didn't have time to care for a duck so he has now been re-gifted to a family with children that can care for it. We were not that family, lol. We kindly declined. We would have gladly taken him, had we not lived in a city.

4) Speaking of ducks... We recently visited a park to play and the girls bee-lined it to sit and watch the pretty ducks. I had to get a picture. It was pretty precious.

5) Every year my family immensely enjoys fishing. We have a favorite little bridge spot. We drove out to check it out a couple days ago and we were so sad. :( Very little water. It has been so dry.  We really, really need rain.

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