Friday, May 23, 2014

Random 5 on Friday - May 23

1) I decided to clean out my refrigerator today. Oh man! It needed it so bad. My daughter told me we needed to go grocery shopping now, because it literally went from jam packed to barely anything. I realize we are a homeschooling family that loves science experiments, but I don't think our fridge should showcase them. Ha! I debated on adding a picture, but couldn't bring myself to show you. It was that bad.

2) I finally have a doctor appointment to see a cardiologist next Wednesday.

3) We headed to the pet store recently to buy ONE gerbil. We came home with THREE! My hubby also insisted we buy another cage and more tubes. Our girls were so excited. They each got to name one and their names are Spinner, Chubby, and Whiskers.

4) Our beloved dog, Mitch, got his hair trimmed, nails trimmed, and a bath today. I bet he feels so much better.

5) Garden is still doing great and a couple days ago I spotted our first tomatoes. Yay!

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  1. I so get the fridge thing! And the gerbils. We went to look at hamsters once and came home with Fuzz Ball and Black Knight.

    1. I figured there would be some that could relate or at least I hoped so. :) Those are some cute names!


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