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A Life in Balance ~ Book Review

Hello friends,  I recently had the opportunity to read the book A Life in Balance from Learning Breakthrough Program. I had never heard of the Learning Breakthrough Program before this review and was fascinated to learn more about it. I also was excited to be able to review a product for me. While this book offers information that will help children and/or adults learn better, the suggested reading age range is for adults or teens.

Learning Breakthrough Program works to help auditory, visual, motor, tactile, balance, body positioning and neurofeedback systems in order to strengthen neurotransmission and actually calibrate the brain's functions. The system has been proven to help many that have suffered with learning disabilities. Some of the disabilities helped are listed below.

Dyspraxia - Coordination
Dysgraphia - Handwriting
Dyscalculia - Math
CAPD - Auditory Processing
Speech & Language
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Aspergers Syndrome
Sensory Processing Disorder
Brain Injury & Stroke

Proper use of the Learning Breakthrough Program helps better organize the way the brain processes information. This is serious brain fitness training that impacts so much of what we do everyday as humans. The precision equipment and exercises included with the program are to the brain like aerobics, weight lifting and stretching are to the physical body. This program truly is a drug free alternative therapy.

What is A Life in Balance?

A Life in Balance is the story of the founder of Learning Breakthrough Program, Frank Belgau written by his son, Eric Belgau. The book details his father's life work and discovery of the program and treatment. I found the book to be a quick read and also found it very interesting and educational. When I first started reading, I had a bit of trouble concentrating. Maybe I need some of the great exercises it explains. Anyhow, once I got comfortable and going through it, I actually had trouble putting it down. I have children that struggle with learning disabilities, so to read a book that offered so much information was a breath of fresh air.

The book starts out with an account of Frank's childhood and moves on to his work with children, and ends with how the Learning Breakthrough Program was formed. At the very end of the book, there is a walk-through of several activities that the program teaches. 

While reading you will learn how Frank, himself, suffered from a learning disability and how he overcame it. He tells the story of having siblings that did very well in school and he couldn't even read aloud when his father asked him to. He tried to keep it hidden from his parents. When reading this, I wondered how many children feel the same why. In another account, you will read how in the 60's kids weren't receiving the help they needed and how he felt they were "dumped" into special classes.  Frank started working with these kids and his work spiraled into a beautiful, beautiful foundation from there. He decided to make it his life's work to help others. He began developing movement and balance methods. He explained how some worked and others not so much. He began testing his methods on children and saw the progress. Quite delighted I'm sure.  He developed a kit which included a balance board and other supplies and began traveling the country sharing his findings with others.

The struggles faced and overcame in this book are very inspiring and really kept me from wanting to put the book down. I think about and wonder how many children do just get by, when in reality they could be using an amazing program that can help them overcome. I'm kind of emotionally lately, and I'll admit I did get a bit teary eyed a couple times. I think it's just so amazing that there are people out there like Frank that are so passionate about what they do. I'm excited to have this book now and plan on revisiting it and doing the exercises with my own children.

I'm glad I had the opportunity to review A Life in Balance and highly recommend it to every parent, therapist, and teacher.

What does A Life in Balance cost?

You can currently purchase 
for $16.94 

$16.94! That is in my opinion a small price to pay for such a wonderful story.

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