Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Grandma's Apron

A few years ago I walked into a house, I used to call Grandma Dee's, to help some aunts and my father remove some items. I was tense and unsure what memories the experience would bring to the front of my mind. I spent a lot of time as a child in that house. I knew that there was going to be some sad moments, but what I didn't know was how an apron could bring me so much joy. I was sitting in the kitchen when I spotted it. An apron my grandma wore, even if she was just putting waffles into the toaster. Funny story about waffles and grandma. One day she certainly saved me from impending doom, when I decided to use a butter knife to pry out a stuck waffle from the toaster. I was probably 7 at the time but I can still remember the gut wrenching scream she let out.  Anyhow,  I was suddenly brought back to the late eighties and early nineties, in my mind. Reminiscing the many times I saw grandma grab her apron and slide it over her dark curls, so that it would cover her blouse. I'm a lot like my grandma, in the fact that I can't ever seem to keep a shirt spot free. She joked many of times about wishing she could wear her aprons to restaurants. Now every time I drop something on my shirt, I can laugh and understand her frustration. She loved her aprons and she had many. It was the first thing she would grab when she walked into her small kitchen to prepare a meal. I asked my father if he minded that I have it. He of course didn't and I was pleased to know that I could bring the apron home. For many months the apron hung in my kitchen, almost as if it was a decoration. I didn't use it, because I certainly didn't want anything to happen to it. It wasn't until one day that my youngest daughter was in the kitchen preparing to help her sister make muffins, when she grabbed the apron to put it on. I was hesitant and wanted to tell her to put it back but I didn't. I watched as she slid it over her blonde little curls and almost started to shed a tear. There was joy and the tears certainly would have not been sad tears. I didn't cry though, instead I choose to embrace the moment with a smile. I mean aprons are meant to be used and this apron should be no exception. An apron that held many memories for me, was now going to be an apron that could hold many memories for my children. I'm also sure that grandma would have approved. 

I've never been big on wearing aprons, but a couple years ago my mother-in-law hand made me the cutest apron. I'm looking at the apron in a whole new light lately. 

That's my grandma on her wedding day. She was so beautiful!
An apron doesn't have to be just an ordinary apron, but instead can be looked at as a special memory making apron. Who knew that what one could describe as a simple apron could be turn out to be so special.

How do you remember aprons? Was it grandma's apron or mom's apron? Do you wear an apron now? We would love to hear from you.

My grandma passed away when I was 15 after a battle with breast cancer. Breast cancer affects many lives and it saddens me very much. If you would like to donate to breast cancer research you can do so below.

Want to try your hand at making an apron? Check out a great resource below. You never know, one day that apron could be very special to someone. 


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