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Are you looking for a fun, interactive game-like platform that provides skill-appropriate material and allows students to work at their own pace?

I was just recently given the opportunity to review from Learning Wrap ups.  I must say I was pretty pleased with this powerful online math and reading curriculum for grades K-5. I received a full online family subscription for all levels of reading/math palettes instruction, up to 5 users for a full year.

First, I'd love to tell you what Wrap ups are. They were designed to help increase speed in fact recognition. Each Wrap Up has twelve items on its left side and twelve on its right side that need to be properly matched . They fit comfortably in a child’s hand and are self-correcting. The child winds a string around the Wrap Up to an answer they feel is correct. If the pathways of the strings match the markings on back, they have done the Wrap Up correctly.

This whole idea was created by a woman named Marion Stuart. She was a 4th grade school teacher looking for a method that would allow her students to quickly learn their multiplication tables. She had used the traditional methods of flashcards and drill sheets to some success, but there were still quite a few students who didn't seem to respond to those activities. After many trials she came up with the wonderful idea of Learning Wrap ups. I can only imagine the amount of children who have benefited from this fantastic learning tool. 

The company, Learning Wrap ups have also created another interesting learning tool called, The Learning Palette. The Learning Palette is also a self-correcting activity and is shaped like a clock. This learning tool features an almost 12 inch diameter palette which holds a double-sided learning card and 12 different colored discs. The child matches the correct color disc with an answer they choose. When finished placing all twelve discs, they can turn the card over and see if they answered correctly or possibly correct any that were wrong. Now children have the opportunity to use this wonderful learning tool online through is the online, interactive version of the The Learning Palette. It features 35 math titles and 20 reading titles that together provide 7,920 questions. It is for grades K-5.  They offered me a full online family subscription for all levels that can be used with up to 5 users for a full year. They also provide a wonderful demo to use before purchasing.

I was able to create an account for my three daughters and I loved that they were able to log in easily by themselves. I'm sure every homeschool mom can relate to how nice that was. My daughters used this product a few times per week and I believe that they enjoyed it. I love products that allow my girls to work at their own pace and this was definitely one of them. The reading and math area are both divided into sections based on level, subject, and activity. This simple, workable set-up allowed my daughters to navigate well. 

Each did very well with and the times that they did have trouble they were able to re-do the card as many times as they needed before moving on. I could sense self-confidence when they answered them all correctly and were able to move on.  At one time, there was a question where one of my daughters had to match up sounds. She was so sure that one of the pictures was of a chef and this caused problems when matching to the correct answer because the picture was not of a chef but instead of a cook. When she was done, it corrected her with an x and she was able to see her mistake. This did cause her to become uninterested in it for the rest of the day. I know sometimes in homeschooling we just have to step away and return back later. I assured her that mistakes happen and that she was doing very well. All was fine the next time she logged in and she completed many with ease.

Another great aspect of the online version is that it is able to provide certain features that are just not possible with the hands-on product, such as tracking a student’s progress. This feature came in handy for us, as I love to be able to see how my daughters are doing when using a product. I was also easily able to print out the reports to file away in their yearly folders.

Also, you can access on tablets. This was handy as sometimes computers in our home are occupied and having this option allowed my daughters to still use the product.

What does cost? currently sells for $59.99 and allows for 5 users. As a special offer to homeschooling families they are offering a special discount of 20% which makes it only $47.99. This offer will allow you to utilize the product until May 31, 2015. Essentially you are getting a 20% discount and free access for 13 months. If you want to purchase you can order by calling 1-800-992-4966 and mentioning Old Schoolhouse or selecting the PURCHASE NOW button. To receive the special Homeschooling discount you will have to enter the Coupon Code - 'HomeSchool'.

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