Saturday, June 07, 2014

Random 5 on Friday - June 5

1) The girls found this cute little dude in our garden. :)

2) We have been having much more relaxed school days. Even though we are still doing school, I don't feel a lot of pressure lately for some reason. Not sure why, but it sure is nice.

3) We have been fishing a bunch the last few days. I still haven't caught anything but my hubby and daughters have. Below is a picture of my youngest catching her first catfish of the year. She was having quite the struggle, so daddy and big sis rushed in to help.

4) I absolutely love taking pictures. I literally have a camera with me almost everywhere I go. Recently, I took some pictures of our local lake that I just adore.

5) I'm scheduled for a chemical stress test for my heart next Monday. I'm stressed about the stress test. Aghhh! Seriously not a good feeling. I should have never googled stories about the test either. That certainly didn't help matters none. I am thankful the doctor recently gave me some Lasix for the edema I have been dealing with. It has helped a bunch.

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  1. Praying for good results on your stress test! Looks like a great week :)

  2. Beautiful lake pictures! Praying for good results (and no worries!) on your stress test!


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