Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Earthquake Study Resources

Every year Oklahoma has more and more earthquakes. They have been happening so frequently. It's actually a little scary. Just Tuesday we had more than 20 earthquakes occur in one day.  They have been making my daughters ask more and more questions. I would love to be able to accurately answer all of their "Why is this happening?" questions. I understand how earthquakes work, but to be honest, I'm also kind of wondering "Why so many?" I decided to put together an earthquake Pinterest board and an earthquake study to help answer their questions. I may not be able to explain why so many. However, together we will learn about how earthquakes work and how to be safe during one.

CLICK HERE to view the latest earthquakes around the world 

We found a fantastic FREE Earthquake Unit Study and Lapbook.

My daughters also learned about seismic waves and learned how scientist use seismometers to measure the seismic waves generated by earthquakes. We found a great video on how to make a seismometer. My daughters had a blast making it and jumping around to get it to record the movements.

Earthquakes for Kids - A wonderful website filled with educational earthquake information for kids. 

Here is a video I found on Youtube, showing the Jell-O experiment. We hope to do it soon.

Learn about Beno Gutenberg, a collaborator in developing the Richter magnitude scale

The Earths outer core was discovered by Beno Gutenberg in 1913. Today the boundary between the mantle and the outer core is known as the Gutenberg discontinuity. The area lies about 1800 mi beneath our feet. He was studying seismic waves traveling through the earth using seismographs stationed around the planet.

We hope you have found something useful and have a fantastic earthquake study!

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