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Happy Kids Songs ~ Review

Hello friends, My daughters and I recently had the opportunity to review some wonderful songs and a workbook from Happy Kids Songs. We received three song sets via download.

The wonderful workbook is called Happy Kids Songs Workbook: Hands-on Activities to Build Character, Social & Emotional Skills.

We were thrilled to do this review because our family loves music. I especially love music that teaches.

What is Happy Kids Songs?

Happy Kids Songs are up-beat and entertaining songs that help children learn good character, social and emotional skills. A gentleman named Dr. Mac and his team have produced eight Happy Kids Songs albums that are all professionally recorded. Dr. Mac. is a child psychologist, song writer, and music director for the PBS series Jay Jay the Jet Plane. 

As a child I absolutely loved learning with songs. I was able to retain much more when I did learn using songs. I think most people can relate. I mean, we all learned our ABC's from singing a song. I was really excited about reviewing Happy Kids Songs because of this reason. I knew it would be a great resource for my children. As a parent, I want my children to have good character, social and emotional skills. These songs are helping do just that. They are instilling these values through wonderfully fun and highly entertaining songs.

What are the Happy Kids Songs albums like?

Each album contains 5 songs and each song teaches a different skill.

Friends & Sharing album includes the song titles: 

Sailing on the Seven Cs - This song teaches about the ingredients of friendship. I felt like it instilled the values I really want my children to understand about how friendship works.

Everybody Wants to Find a Friend- This song teaches about the importance of reaching out to others.

Sharing Friends - In my opinion, every child needs to learning about sharing and this song is great about teaching how to include others in play.

Happy as Happy Can Be - Another great song about being happy with a friend.

Together - This song teaches about the importance of sharing time and saying goodbye.

Happiness & Attitude album includes the song titles:

Shake It Out and Dance - This song teaches children to turn their "can’t" into "I can"

Who Knows What’s a Kudo? - A fun song that reinforces the importance of giving compliments.

I Don’t Understand - Teaches children about handling limitations.

Be Good to Yourself - A song about the being good to yourself and the pathways to happiness.

Better Together - A great song about being together and being apart.

Manners & Character album includes the song titles:

H-o-n-e-s-t-y - Being honest is a must and this song is wonderful at teaching the value of honesty.

The Magic Word - A catchy song about learning manners.

Quirks - We were all made wonderful and different and this song teaches the importance of appreciating those differences.

The Golden Rule - A song about teaching consideration for others.

Six Little Kids - We don't all have the same perspectives and I loved how this song taught about honoring other perspectives.

How did we use Happy Kids Songs?

After downloading the songs to my computer, I decided to put them onto a CD. Putting them on a CD made the songs more accessible to my daughters. They were able to listen to the songs not only at home, but also in the car.

The Cd was played a bunch while doing chores around the house. Other times, when listening to the songs, they would dance and sing. They used the workbook to find the lyrics to follow along. I enjoyed the times they would sing the songs without the music even playing. I knew that it was something that was sticking with them. I felt that listening to the songs also presented me with the opportunity to talk and teach more about certain character skills. 

The workbook is a wonderful compliment to the songs. I loved how it shares the lyrics for each song along with activities that reinforce the values that the songs teach. My daughters enjoyed completing the worksheet activities. 

Final Thoughts

When looking for resources for teaching character skills, I would have never originally thought about looking for music. I'm thankful to have been able to review Happy Kids Songs. The songs and workbook were absolutely a perfect fit for our family and we will enjoy it for years to come in the form of continuing to listen to the songs and in watching the character growth of our daughters. I believe the songs would be a great addition to any character study.

Friends, How I wish I was able to play the songs for you. They are so fun and catchy. However, don't just take my word for it. Do check them out for yourselves. I think you will be very pleased with the amount of passion and dedication that has went into each song.

What does Happy Kids Songs cost?

You can currently purchase each album for $4.95

If you are only interested in certain songs you can also purchase them for 99 cents per download.

The Happy Kids Songs Workbook  can currently be purchased for only $12.56

Want to connect with Happy Kids Songs?

Twitter: @howsyourfam

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/4DrMacMusic


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