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Wizzy Gizmo ~ Review

Hello friends, My daughters and I recently had the opportunity to review Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything? from Wizzy Gizmo. What a fun review! It was refreshing to review a product that was not only fun and entertaining, but also one that explored the Bible.  I am always looking for ways to include sound Biblical material in my daughters education and I found that with Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything?

What is Wizzy Gizmo?

Wizzy Gizmo is a series of Bible books for kids, Bible audio dramas, Bible flashcards, and many more Bible resources. These resources have the purpose to equip children for life by exploring God’s Word. Great resources with a great purpose.

Wizzy Gizmo is also a wonderfully entertaining character. He is a genius inventor who loves to make fun gizmos and most importantly loves to explore the bible. My daughters fell in love with Wizzy Gizmo. They talked about how fun it would be to be an inventor that could explore the way he does. It was perfect for them to be able to listen to the audio and through their imaginations actually be able to explore the bible right along with him.  

Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything? is a 36 minute Bible audio drama CD from Genesis chapter one. There is also an additional 24 minutes of bonus soundtrack content. While it is recommended for ages 4-12, I found it to be perfect for all ages.  

In the beginning of the audio drama, Professor Wizzy Gimzo places the bible on his invention called Gizmovision. The invention brings Genesis chapter one of the bible to life and sent my children on a memorable learning adventure right along with Wizzy Gizmo and his friends. Gizmovision, allows the characters in the story to hear, see, and touch everything that happens in Genesis chapter one as if they are really there. I loved the fact that my daughters used their imaginations to visualize what the characters were doing and learning. I know that my children were familiar with Genesis chapter one, but I never realized how having an audio drama such as Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything? could be so wonderful in capturing their attention and teaching in a way that was memorable and educational.  I was blown away at how the audio did indeed capture their attention and even helped to start Biblical family discussions. At the end of the audio, Wizzy Gizmo, asks questions to help children remember what they had learned. I loved this and appreciated that my children were able to answer correctly, assuring me that they were indeed listening and entertained.

My oldest two daughters said that there favorite part was learning more about Genesis in such a fun way. My youngest daughter, Raylee, had fun learning the songs and singing along to them. She absolutely loves music and said that the songs were one of her favorite parts. I also enjoyed the songs and felt that they were a great addition to the story.

I also loved that Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything? is on a CD. It is nice to have a resource that can be used in an array of ways. For instance the CD can be played while completing household chores, in the car, at bedtime, and any other convenient time. The first time we listened we actually arranged time to sit together in our living room and listen as a family. We recently took a family vacation and I know that if we would have
had the CD, it would have been a perfect opportunity to listen to it. Also, I'm not opposed to reading bedtime stories, but honestly this is so perfect to put on at bedtime for a wonderful bedtime story that doesn't have to be read. 

Final Thought

Anytime I can teach my children God’s truth with resources like Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything? is a huge advantage in training them up in the Lord. I feel blessed to have been able to do this review and highly recommend it. 

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