Monday, September 21, 2015

Fascinating Education - Fascinating Biology - Review

For review purposes my daughter received a year access to the Fascinating Biology course, along with a short course in Chemistry from the wonderful company, Fascinating Education.  

Fascinating Education is a online science program offering courses in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. They use an audio-visual technique to teach science in a step-by-step manner. My daughter enjoyed it because she could actually see how science works in vivid color, rather than just reading about it.

How We Used the Fascinating Biology Course

Each course is broken down by topics. In the Biology course, there are 18 lessons and they cover the following topics:

  • What is Life?
  • Chemistry Review
  • Cell Membrane
  • Take in Nutrients
  • Take in Energy
  • Grow
  • Reproduce
  • Homeostasis
  • Adapt
  • Prokaryotes, Protists, Animals and Fungi
  • Plants

Each topic includes a lesson, a script of the lesson, and a test. 


The lessons are taught through video presentations. The videos have multiple slides and subtopics, which are found on the left hand side of the video in a menu bar. This allowed my daughter to stop the lessons at any time and come back where she left off and also allowed her to go back over information that she may have not completely understood. There is also a glossary available that defines some of the harder terms. This was also a nice addition to the already wonderful video lessons and also proved to be helpful to my daughter. 

Some of the lessons even allowed my daughter to get hands on. In lesson 2, Chemistry Review, my daughter learned about polar and non-polar molecules. There was a neat presentation that showed how oil and vinegar do not mix. My daughter of course wanted to try it as she was watching, so she did. She had seen the experiment before and had even done it in the past. This time however she understood even more about what was happening.  


After viewing the video lessons my daughter would open up and print the script of the lessons. She kept all the scripts together in a folder for safe keeping. She loved that she could look back over the scripts whenever she needed a little extra help remembering some of the information. 


The final part of each lesson is a test. The questions in the test portion are multiple choice questions and when my daughter would finish a question she would click a submit button to move on to the next question. My daughter showed some hesitation with the first few tests she took. At first she thought they would be too hard for her. We were both pleasantly surprised at how much information she was retaining from the lessons and she proved it with 100s on her tests. We were both so proud. 

Final Thought

We found Fascinating Education to be great for our science loving daughter. I do feel like it was a hit because she is a visual learner and the video lessons were right up her alley. However, I do wish there were more hands-on activities included in the lessons. We are going to continue using Fascinating Biology as a supplement and we look forward to seeing what else the course has in store. We recommend it for anyone wanting to learn more about chemistry, biology or physics.  

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