Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Super Teacher Worksheets REVIEW

My daughters have always enjoyed worksheets. I'm honestly not sure why, because growing up I sure didn't. However they do and quite frankly I'm definitely okay with it. Seriously, children who love to do worksheets? That's a homeschool dream and just recently I feel like I hit the jackpot when I was chosen to review an Individual Membership from Super Teacher Worksheets.

Super Teacher Worksheets is a website that has thousands of printable PDF worksheets geared towards preschool through middle school. Their collections include math worksheets, spelling lists, phonics and reading comprehension passages, educational games, science, social studies, handwriting practice pages, puzzle and brain teasers, flashcards, holiday pages, teacher helpers and much more. More than likely if you are looking for a certain type of worksheet you can find it there. You can search by topic and by common core standards.

Another great thing they offer is the ability to generate your own worksheets using their Word Search Generator, Multiple Choice Generator, and Fill-in-the-Blanks Generator. This is a really cool addition because I can create my own worksheets over and over for all different types of curriculum we use. It's always nice to have the ability to tailor worksheets to our needs. There is even a fun area to create your own newsletter. I enjoyed being able to create one and place it on our refrigerator for all my daughters to see and reference. 

They also offer a spot to save all of your favorites in a place called my filing cabinet. This was extremely handy. I used this when I knew I wanted to print something but didn't need it immediately. When I needed it, I would print it and then delete it from my filing cabinet. I also liked that I could preview it right in the filing cabinet without having to actually open the PDF file.

For the purpose of this review we used a ton of the reading worksheets. My daughters enjoyed them immensely and would even ask for them occasionally. When your child asks to do worksheets then you know it must be good. It was! I was also impressed by the quality of the worksheets.

 The very first thing I printed was a worksheet called Book Bingo. My daughters loved it. I loved it because it was getting my daughters reading. The tasks were simple. For instance, one square might ask for my child to read a fable. After completing the tasks they would color in the squares until they had a bingo. It was fun and my daughters enjoyed doing it. 

I love that they add new printable worksheets, games, and teaching tools all the time! They even have a great page called What's New on STW where you can find all the new additions. I have a feeling I'm going to be stalking that area. 

Final Thought

I can't say enough about how much I love Super Teacher Worksheets. It's a website that I didn't have prior knowledge about before this review, but so thankful that I do know about it now. I know that we will continue using it for a long time. It's just too great not to add to my list of little treasures for honeschooling. Prior to reviewing this awesome site I spent hours searching out worksheets to compliment our studies. I no longer have to do that. Super Teacher Worksheets is a true time saver and blessing. If you are looking for worksheets for homeschool then I highly recommend that you give an Individual Membership a try. 

What does the Individual Membership cost?

Right now the price for an individual membership is only $19.95 per year.

It's absolutely worth every penny it in my opinion. 



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Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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