Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to Homeschool For Mostly Free

Is it possible to homeschool for FREE?

I'm not going to sugar coat anything. Homeschool for absolutely free, as in not spend a penny....NO! In my opinion, it just isn't possible. The truth is, it costs money to have stuff and do stuff. I say this because when you homeschool you should know that you are indeed going to be spending money on one thing or another. This could be gas for a vehicle, paper and ink for a printer, that one book you just couldn't find for free, homeschool supplies, or perhaps homeschool co-op fees. The list could go on. I will say that I believe it is possible to be extremely thrifty and find free materials.

Below are some tips to be able to homeschool for mostly free.

1) Visit the Library - The library is a fantastic resource and one that I believe every homeschooling family should have access to and use. 

2) Take a Walk - Gas prices these days are ridiculous! If it is possible, walk to your destination. Walks are great for not only health but also wonderful for nature and community studies. 

3) Share With a Friend - Does a friend have a curriculum or book you would like? Perhaps you have one they would like. Make a swap. 

4) Find Resources on the Internet - Google, Pinterest, homeschool blogs, and many other sites are filled with fun ideas, worksheets, and freebies. Type in what you need and you might just find it. 

Here are a couple favorite sites of ours
My Crew Friends have some wonderful homeschooling blogs. 

5) Make Your Own Curriculum - This does take time, but I have found it to sometimes be the best fit for my family. It is very possible to find freebies and put them together to build your own studies

6) Download Free Kindle Books and Apps - Okay, so the Kindle cost money but the books and apps don't have to. I have been able to find many free books and apps that have aided us in our homeschooling journey. 

7) Visit Youtube - Private lessons can be costly. Does your child want to learn to crochet or maybe play an instrument? Visit Youtube. My daughter has learned to both crochet and play the guitar using this amazing resource.

8) Have a Sale - Do you have books and curriculum you are no longer using? Sell those items and use the money to purchase what you need. 

9) Re-purpose - Empty coffee cans make great supply holders, pallets can make great book shelves, and dish racks can hold files and folders. There are a ton of things a person can reuse in homeschooling. Pinterest is great for finding these ideas. 

10) Take a Free Field Trip - Visits to your local police and fire departments can be great field trips. Perhaps you can arrange to visit a local farm. Some areas even offer free museums. Fields trips don't have to be expensive to be fun and educational. Don't feel like leaving home. That's fine as well. Virtual field trips are a fun way to learn and explore the world as well. 

11) Save Here, Spend There - Cut cost in one area to use for homeschooling. For example: I've been known to call companies and ask for a lower rate or discount. Sometimes we have saved a lot and other times we haven't. You just have to try. The point is, if you are freeing money from one area you can use it in another.

12) Plant a Garden - Food costs money and when you are providing three meals a day, everyday, it can get costly. While planting a garden isn't completely free, it can be low cost and eventually save you money. Gardening is very hands-on and educational.

13) Start a Micro Business - Micro businesses are simple and fast to start up. They are generally home-based and and can be started debt free. Running a business can provide extra income that can be used towards your homeschooling experience. The best part of all is you can learn while earning. My daughter recently started a micro business and has done well with it.


Friends, I hope you found some ideas for homeschooling mostly free. If you have ideas, freebies, or just want to share a story, we would love to hear from you. You can leave a comment below.

Homeschool for Free

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