Friday, June 20, 2014

Random 5 On Friday - June 20

1) I love sunflowers. Our sunflowers are getting so big. We have one that is almost 10 foot tall. My daughters think it is so neat. 

2) I attended a car show with my hubby last Saturday. It was pretty fun. I forgot to bring the sunscreen so we spent a good amount of time sitting in the shade under trees. My poor hubby still got a pretty bad sunburn. 

3) I found the coolest volcano kit for $2.50 the other day! I couldn't pass it up and the girls absolutely loved putting it together. 

4) I should always listen to my hair stylist! Yes, always! I tried to apply a red to my really dark hair. Not good! It colored my roots the brightest red and didn't even touch the rest of my hair. I wore a hat until I could get it fixed. I don't like hats, but I loved them that day! :) 

5) I'm buying a house! Talk about stressful, but I'm finally going to be a home owner. I'm pretty excited!

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